Pasta: A Five Part Series. Part 3: Printed Pastas

Hellooooo Foodies! As always, I hope you're having a wonderful week. It's been a pretty crazy week here in Doha, if you haven't heard it rained! Not just like a couple of sprinkles, it was a full on thunderstorm and the most rainfall in the history of Qatar. As you can imagine, it was full-blown … Continue reading Pasta: A Five Part Series. Part 3: Printed Pastas


Pasta: A Five Part Series. Part 2: Colors

Hey Foodies! Welcome back! I hope you're having a wonderful week, enjoying the autumn weather. What have you been cooking since the season changed? Maybe a nice chicken and wild rice soup? What's your favorite fall ingredient? Mine is butternut squash. I have a great recipe for a butternut squash soup that I plan to … Continue reading Pasta: A Five Part Series. Part 2: Colors

Pasta: A Five Part Series. Part 1: Pasta Dough and Basics

Hey foodies! Hope you're having a great day. If you're not, you came to the right place. I say that because you're here to learn about making pasta which, to me, is the best form of therapy. Along with baking. Which is one of the many reasons why I wanted to do this five-part series. … Continue reading Pasta: A Five Part Series. Part 1: Pasta Dough and Basics

I’m Back Ya’ll!

Greetings friends, Popping in to let everyone know, I'm back! I took a little unexpected break this summer, so here's what's been up. After leaving Doha, I decided to take a little uninterrupted time to travel with Arlo. We hadn't seen each other in 100 days and having time to be together without work or … Continue reading I’m Back Ya’ll!

My Favorite Doha Eats

Hey all, I hope you're having a great Wednesday. It's been about a week since I last posted, I've been doing a lot of cleaning, packing and general house keeping to get ready for my trip to Spain and going back home. On top of that I've had some kind of stomach bug and I … Continue reading My Favorite Doha Eats

Jessica Jones, Packing, and Quinoa

Hey everyone, happy Monday. Hope you all had a good weekend. Have you seen the show Jessica Jones¬†yet? Probably. I know, I'm a little late to be hopping on the bandwagon here. If you haven't seen it I HIGHLY recommend it. Seriously, I binged an entire season this weekend. Actually, the only other thing I … Continue reading Jessica Jones, Packing, and Quinoa

Rhubarb Lemonade Spritzer

Hey everyone! Summer is just around the corner, even though it might not feel like it in the midwest, but don't lose hope! It's coming! Maybe. But it's still rhubarb season somewhere and that is exciting. I love rhubarb desserts and drinks. Maybe because rhubarb crumble or cake was always something my mom made when … Continue reading Rhubarb Lemonade Spritzer

Rose Water Layer Cake

Happy Monday everyone! Better yet, happy last day of Mercury retrograde AND day before Saturn retrograde! Soon we'll all be feeling energized and inspired to be our best selves. What better way to celebrate that great news than with a beautiful, unique cake? Am I right? This rose water layer cake was inspired by Qatar, … Continue reading Rose Water Layer Cake

Homemade Sweet and Sour Sauce

So, you've made your own Cream Cheese Wontons, or you picked them up from your favorite Chinese restaurant and you forgot the sweet and sour sauce. Or maybe, you're plain rice and chicken could just use a little zing. No worries, I've got you covered. This recipe for homemade sweet and sour sauce is super … Continue reading Homemade Sweet and Sour Sauce

Cream Cheese Wontons

Hello, happy Sunday. Hopefully everyone had a nice weekend and you're all ¬†prepared for work tomorrow morning. This weekend I did a little practice for my drivers exam here in Qatar and I felt very 16 again. I went to dinner with my cousins at a Japanese restaurant called Nobu and it was really amazing. … Continue reading Cream Cheese Wontons